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As a system company and service provider, SysCon GmbH specializes in the concept design and performance of control tasks in the areas of automation and quality assurance using industrial image processing and laser measurement technology.

Already since 1995, we have been delivering image processing solutions to all industrial branches, mainly the automotive industry and its suppliers, the consumer goods industry and jewelry producers as well as the food and beverage industry.

SysCon operates all over the world. Customers in Europe, Asia and America rely on our expertise in image processing.


QuickSweeper is a control and sorting device for small parts

QuickSweeper is a control and sorting device for small parts that enables the fast geometric measuring of bulk materials in three dimensions. The special in-feed concept and an upstream hopper system make it possible to ensure a trouble-free 3-shift operation.

Thanks to simple re-fitting and handling by entering target values or teach-in of a “good” part, even small lot sizes can be made profitable. To this end, up to five high-resolution cameras serve as sensors.

QuickSweeper is suitable for use as a stand-alone unit or for integration into manufacturing lines. The parts that can be measured are all parts that are supplied in a stable position, including stampings, bent components, forming parts and injection molded parts, e.g. screw nuts, discs, springs, seals etc. with a maximum size (L x W x H) of 45 mm x 45 mm x 25 mm (expandable). The average capacity amounts to 28,800 inspected parts per hour, the maximum capacity amounts to 54,000 parts per hour. The typical measurement accuracy reaches 3/100 mm (part-specific 1/100 mm).

QuickSweeper figure 1
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Standard control criteria

Additional functions


trevista®, Surface Inspection


DesignSweeper: Design-based wheel identification

Design-based wheel identification. Basic system with a camera for the identification of the wheel type through design measurement.

Application in the wheel and rim production (cast or forged wheels)

In order to perform these and other tasks, often more functions are to be executed in addition to design identification:

DesignSweeper Surface 2.0, Surface Inspection:

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