Since 1995, SysCon GmbH has been operating as a system company and service provider in industrial image processing.

We specialize in the concept design and realization of control tasks in the areas of automation and quality assurance using industrial image processing and laser measurement technology. A base of national and international partners completes our service and distribution activities, thus making our applications available all over the world.

Our image processing systems are applied in a wide range of different industries and companies – from SMEs to large Groups of companies. Our customers can be found in most diverse product categories, including very demanding areas, such as the automotive industry and its suppliers, glass producers as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

SysCon integrates image processing into existing manufacturing lines. In cooperation with our partners from Plant Engineering and Construction, however, we also build complete lines and automatic systems – from the supply of the products and their inspection to the picking and packing of the exact number of the inspected parts.

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