About SysCon

As a system company for industrial image processing, we offer customer specific solutions in the areas of automation and quality assurance.

Our solutions are based on the application of camera systems or supplementary optoelectronic sensor systems, which are used in the monitoring of product quality, control of manufacturing processes and sorting of products by a wide range of different criteria.

Every project begins with a task to be solved. Together with the customer, we then develop a specification. Following a detailed analysis of the customer’s requirements and a close look at the problem at hand, we develop solution approaches, which we discuss with the customer. We then select the technically and economically optimal solution approach.

Our project work concerns the detailed implementation of this approach, resulting in a solution that can reach from software development to machines or complete lines which we build in cooperation with partners.

SysCon GmbH


Automotive industry, automotive suppliers, medical and pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage industry, packaging industry, jewelry producers and many more.

By order of and in close cooperation with our customers, SysCon develops control and inspection systems. Based on a jointly established requirements specification, we not only take care of the control technology but also, in cooperation with our partners and sub-suppliers from Plant Engineering and Construction, take over the complete control system. The solutions range from stand-alone control units to entire assembly and production lines with integrated SysCon image processing.

Some of our project partners, suppliers and sub-contractors from numerous projects:


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